Saturday, February 26, 2005


Well, Tempting did not get done in time for the interview. I had a lot of homework to do over the weekend and as hard as I tried, I just could not squeeze in enough knitting time. (Any more knitting would have been at the expense of sleep, and I only got 4 hours Monday night, so sleep took priority! ;)) I just got back from Stanford, it looks like I have a good shot at getting a fellowship for next year, which would be amazing!! It seems like exactly what I'm looking for, which I guess is not surprising since it is the #1 mechanical engineering grad school in the country!

I took some knitting stuff with me, but didn't have time to work on anything, so here are some pics I took just before I left:


On the left is the almost-completed body (right now it's about 12", needs to be 13") and on the right is a finished sleeve, a half-finished sleeve, and a ball of yarn with an extra dpn stuck in it. When I went to buy dpn's for the sleeves, all the store had was wood and bamboo, but the bamboo ones were about twice as expensive so I went with the wood Brittany needles. It took a long time for me to get used to them, since they're much rougher and "grabbier" than the plastic Denise's or aluminum needles (which are the only other kinds I've used).

Anyway, I started working on the sleeves because I thought I needed a break from the body, but it turns out I needed a break from the project in general, so I started this:

start of ribbon scelt

It's a drop stitch scarf/belt - I don't know what I'll use it for, but I think I'll call it a scelt because that sounds much nicer than the alternative. ;) It's made with some ladder ribbon yarn that I bought just to play around with, and I tried it in about 10 different things before finally settling on this. The colors are really pretty, and I like how the patches are arranged in just the right way so that one patch ends up in the middle of each dropped section. Here's a closeup:

closeup of ribbon scelt

So now I'm working on both of these, and I already have yarn waiting for the raglan tansy tee from Cast On magazine and for a glitzy purse, but somehow I just found the pattern for Candy and it is taking tremendous amounts of willpower to avoid buying gray and pink yarn to make it! Agh... I will resist... I will resist...


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