Tuesday, March 08, 2005

dry faster!

So while I'm sitting here impatiently waiting for Tempting to dry, I thought I'd post some pictures. I finally finished it last night, and threw it in the wash this morning. I thought it would never get done! Binding off took foreeever, and then I was almost finished (about 20 stitches left) when I realized I didn't have enough yarn! So I had to tink the 180 stitches I had already bound off, then I undid another 20 stitches, and started binding off right there even though it was the middle of the row. This time, with maybe 5 or 6 stitches to go, I just could not make the yarn go any farther. Frustrated at the idea of undoing the entire bound-off row again, I instead weaved in all my ends and joined the sleeves at the underarm because some of my ends were pretty long. Then I took all the ends that were more than 6", attached them all together using a slightly-improvised Russian Join, and used that to bind off the last few stitches. The edge is not the neatest thing ever, but I figure I'll just call that the back and wear my hair down and no one will notice.

As a warning to anyone else attempting this pattern: buy extra yarn! The small calls for 5 balls, and I did use a different yarn but it had exactly the same yardage... I made the yoke 4" before the eyelet holes instead of 5", and could only complete 2 rows afterwards instead of 5, and I also had to frog my swatch to use the yarn! Here's the entirety of what I had leftover at the end:

not a lot of yarn...

Grand total of less than a yard. And I do realize that the twists I made in the lower half of the body probably used up extra yarn, but not enough to compensate for over an inch of knitting around 200 stitches! So I don't really know if it's a problem with me, or the yarn, or the pattern, but if you're planning on making the small I'd definitely recommend extra yardage.

Here's a picture of the finished sweater before washing (and also still ribbonless):


For some reason I really enjoyed finishing the underarm seams, maybe it's similar to the way I like mattress stitch and weaving in ends, which is that I don't actually enjoy them but I love watching the project inch its way toward the finish line! Check out my first-ever 3 needle bind off:

3-needle bind off for underarm seam

The color is also best in that last picture, at least on my computer.

So let's see, what else have I been knitting? Well, I finished my scelt and have already worn it as both a scarf and a belt. Both ways, I couldn't stop playing with it!

finished scelt

I wish I had made the fringe a little thicker, but I cut the pieces beforehand so by the time I got around to attaching them it was too late to do anything about it.

I've also started a needle roll loosely based on this pattern, except I'm doing the entire thing in garter stitch and I only have one color in the middle. My main reason for making it (well, besides needing somewhere to put my needles) is that I wanted a simple project to try and learn/practice knitting continental. Also, the border gives me a chance to try intarsia... I've already messed up the twisting a few times, but it's just a needle roll, so who cares? Anyway knitting continental is taking me SO LONG... I know that it's supposed to be faster overall but I don't know if I even have the patience to get to that point! Agh! And it might be easier with a nicer yarn, but I'm using Red Heart Super Saver acrylic since my grandmother gave me a ton and it just sits in my stash feeling neglected. It's awfully fuzzy and snaggy which is slowing me down even more, I think.

needle roll

And because I wanted something small to work on after Tempting, I'm trying a sock:

few rows of sock

Found the pattern by joining the First Time Sockknitters KAL, I'm using wool-ease in a variegated colorway (lighter than it shows up in my picture, but darker than it shows up here). Obviously I haven't gotten far enough to comment on how hard or easy sock knitting is, but I can say that 1) I am SO SICK of 2x2 ribbing, and 2) I am loving these metal Inox dpns so much more than the wood Brittany dpns I used on the sleeves of Tempting... much easier and smoother to knit with (and I kind of like the clinky sound they make as I knit!).

Ack, gotta run to go watch Gilmore Girls! And stare at Tempting a little longer so I can will it to dry with my eyes! (Well it's worth a try, right?)


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