Friday, March 04, 2005

i can breathe!

Whew! It's been such a crazy, hectic week that I've hardly had time to breathe, let alone sleep, let alone knit, let alone post about it! I did charge my camera battery overnight, so expect some pictures later today. Last weekend I finished my scelt and at some point I joined the sleeves on Tempting, then got about 1" past the join. All very exciting. :) It's almost time to figure out what my next project will be, out of the many I have yarn for already, haha.

Also - I am so mad I missed it!!! (Nevermind, the recaplet went away, so here are some excerpts: "Did you miss it? Aw, man. You're gonna be so mad you missed it." Then, later: "Lorelai calls the night off (but she did get dolled up, which is good to remember in a few sentences -- oh, man, are you going to be mad you missed it!)." I AM SOOOOOO MAD!!!!!

Okay, time to clean my mess of a room, I'll post pics later. :)

(Geez, we are having some of the strangest weather I've ever seen... since I woke up this morning, it's alternated every 10 minutes or so between beautiful sunshine with blue sky and torrential downpours... what on earth is going on??)


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