Thursday, April 28, 2005

honeymoon cami


honeymoon cami

(as a side note, apparently I was nervous or something yesterday, because I could not hold the camera still... these pics are the least blurry ones out of many taken, and they're still not great)

Anyway. The details:

pattern: Honeymoon Cami from
yarn: a little less than 4 balls Cezanne by Filati Fantasia (50% Cotton, 10% Silk, 40% Viscose / 104 yds per ball) in Ocean Teal
needles: Denises size 9
gauge: 20 sts x 26 rows / 4"
date finished: April 21, 2005

I took some pics in the mirror, but again, they're a little blurry. Hopefully one of these days one of my housemates will be around when I'm trying to take pictures of myself! But for now I guess this will have to do... front and back shots:

honeymoon cami, front honeymoon cami, back

I think this is my new favorite shirt. It's a great pattern, lots of stockinette but the shaping keeps it interesting. I wasn't such a fan of the eyelet ribbing as I knit it, because all those ktbl's are just a pain in the ass with a slightly splitty yarn, but once I finished it definitely grew on me. If I knit this pattern again, I'd probably try a different lace border on the bottom.

I followed the pattern almost exactly as written, but I did make 2 minor modifications. Well, I guess three - I changed the needle size. I knew I knit tightly, but I didn't realize just how tightly... I had to go up 3 needle sizes just to get gauge! But I got a nice fabric on the 9s, so I just went with it, and it turned out perfectly. The other changes - first, I couldn't get the right-slanting decrease called for to look nice, so I just used k2tog instead. And second, it bothered me that by doing one decrease at the very beginning of a round and the matching one at the very end of the round, they appeared to be off by a row. So I skipped the first decrease, did the 2 at the other marker, and then did both at the first marker right after each other (so technically the last one I did was at the beginning of the following round). Same with the increases. Cause I'm just picky like that. :P

I also am completely in love with the yarn I used. It is SO soft and drapey, and the color is amazing (though I had trouble capturing it accurately). It was a little splitty, but for the most part that was only a problem for the ktbl's. Regular knitting and purling were fine, just had to pay a tad more attention than usual. I'm not sure how it will hold up over time, as I haven't washed it yet, but I wore it to a party over the weekend and got beer spilled on me (gotta love college parties, ugh) and not only did it not stain, but I was dry within 2 minutes! So, so far so good... although speaking of that, I should probably run off and wash it...

Also, thank you Amy for hosting the knitalong! It was my first knitalong, and I really liked being able to see other people's progress, hear their problems along the way, etc. and also being able to get feedback from the designer was really helpful. If I can get through enough of my stash, I could definitely see myself knitting another one of these this summer!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

it's all about the little things

I had a conversation with my sister over AIM last night that made me inexplicably happy and smiley, especially after a crappy day.

But first, some background. I started knitting in November, and when I went home for winter break I brought my half-completed first scarf with me. Over the next 2 weeks, I finished that scarf and another one, all while my sister and I watched lots of movies and crappy TV. My grandmother found out that I had taken up knitting and gave me a ton of her old yarn - all red heart super saver. Makes great scrap yarn. So my sister asked if I could teach her how to knit. And I tried. But after a few rows full of holes from dropped stitches and extra stitches from where she had split the yarn, she gave up.

She came to visit me in California a month later, and asked me to teach her again. So I tried, and the same thing happened. I taught her how to purl too, but she couldn't remember which was which and her swatch was a mess. We were both home for spring break a few weeks ago, and yet again she wanted to try. I gave her a set of needles and some scrap wool-ease and she went to work, this time producing 2 almost-perfect square swatches, one all knit and the other all purl. She didn't think she'd have the patience for a scarf, so we picked up some cotton on sale and found a simple dishcloth pattern. A few days later, she had made a lot of progress. I was totally impressed. (Though my parents were not so happy that every time they needed us, they had to now hear 2 people scream back "I just have to finish this row!")

Unfortunately she was working with my Denise needles, so when I left to come back to school I had to pull them out of her project. I put it on some scrap yarn and reminded her she could always go buy a set of needles and finish it, but we both knew her motivation would probably die out pretty soon. Sure enough, she left the unfinished dishcloth at home when she left to go back to school a week later.

Then, last night, there was this:

Sara: oh
Sara: i bought knitting needles
Sara: and yarn
Sara: !!
Sara: isn't that nuts?
Sara: i haven't been able to make anything good
Sara: but it's nice to have something to do with my hands
me: yessss!!!
Sara: the needles are very very long though, and the yarn splits easily
me: what kind of yarn and needles did you buy?
Sara: the needles are size eight
Sara: really really really long
Sara: and the yarn is something soft that has a baby blanket pattern on it

And I feel victorious! I finally converted her! I have another knitter in the family! And as I mentioned, I was having a bad day, especially emotionally, so the fact that my sister is now knitting really made my day. :)

In other knitting news, well, I've been procrastinating updating here, because I know that I have to write about my first knitting disaster. I guess it's not such a disaster per se, but it's my first completed project that just does not fit. I'll post more details when my camera battery charges and I can take some pictures.

Also, I've been knitting away on my honeymoon cami. I'm in the increase section and it's going pretty quickly. I am completely in love with this yarn (Filati Fantasia Cezanne), it is SO soft and the color is so bold and saturated. Can't wait to finish and wear it!

Monday, April 04, 2005

flash your stash-along

This was supposed to be done on April 1, but I was in Boston and away from my stash at the time, so it's a few days late. I have a pretty small stash, but it should be enough to keep me busy for a while. :)