Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sara's summer scarf

Sara's summer scarf

pattern: not really
yarn: 1 ball Lana Grossa Lucido (60% polyester, 40% cotton / 131 yds per ball)
needles: Denises size 15
gauge: no idea
date finished: May 6, 2005

When Sara came to the LYS with me to buy the yarn for my mom's socks, she found a lone ball of this really interesting ribbon yarn and asked me if I could make a scarf for her if she bought it. I had never worked with ribbon yarn before, and wanted to try, so I said sure.

Discovery: I don't really like ribbon yarn. I didn't mind the twisting as I knit it, but I found that if I just let it unroll off the ball it would get super twisty. So I resorted to unwrapping a section off the ball, knitting it, unwrapping more, etc. and it made the process kind of tedious.

I tried a few different stitch patterns, at first I was thinking about doing a drop-stitch pattern because the yardage wasn't great but she didn't really like that. I ended up just working seed stitch over 13 stitches on big needles. The finished scarf was about 3.5" wide and 60" long, plus fringe. Here's how it looks on (ignore how it looks with my clothes, I didn't feel like changing just to model a scarf :P).

Sara's summer scarf

As annoying as it was to work with the ribbon yarn, I really did like the finished product. The seed stitch created a fabric that was really soft and squooshy, and I think it highlighted the yarn well too (which was an orange ribbon with red threads running through it, sort of). Closeup:

stitch closeup

Had almost a marblized effect. I sent the scarf away along with the socks a few days ago, so I'm just waiting to hear back from my sister about whether she got it, whether she likes it, etc. I'm all about the etc today for some reason. And now that I have 2 FOs I need to decide what else to work on... decisions decisions...


  • I'm not a big fan of knitting with ribbon, but the results are usually fantastic (as yours are). Your socks turned out great as well.


    By Blogger amylovie, at 10:02 PM  

  • I don't like ribbon yarn, either! But your scarf looks great and your mom's socks look lovely too! Self-striping yarn is pure magic. Great job!

    By Blogger Laura, at 9:07 AM  

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