Friday, June 24, 2005

i'm back!

After a fun-yet-stressful last week at school and an 8-day driving trip across the country, my computer is all set up and back online! I'm in New York now, here for the summer actually until I move to Boston to start grad school at MIT at the end of August. Looking forward to a nice relaxing summer, because it's probably the last one I'll ever have free!

I got surprisingly little knitting done over the trip - I packed everything but a pair of socks I was working on, and then my sister accidentally got my free dpn stuck in her knitting and took it home with her, so I couldn't work on the sock anymore. However, I did buy a lot of yarn, lots of pretty New Mexico wool that I think I'll make a sweater/jacket out of. I took a ton of pictures on my trip - almost 300 - which includes Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Graceland, and also pics of my yarn purchases and the creative way I found to wind it into balls in the car.

For now, I am working on a tank out of the cotton fleece that my SP sent me, which is largely my own design so I'm a little nervous about it! I've only knit about an inch or two so far but I looooove the yarn and I think it will turn out really well. I'm tempted to buy more cotton fleece right now to make a cute shrug to go with the tank but I guess I should try to focus on one (or two, or three) things at a time.

(Also, thanks for the tip about Berroco Pleasure, Amy! I'm going to buy a bag as soon as I can decide on a color. :))


  • Welcome back! All of the places that you mentioned I have never been to. Maybe you could post a few of your favorite pics.

    The Pleasure yarn is absolutely luscious! It will make a gorgeous sweater. I can't wait to hear what color you pick.


    By Blogger amylovie, at 1:05 PM  

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