Wednesday, September 28, 2005

multidirectional scarf

2-color multidirectional scarf

pattern: Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf
yarn: 2 balls Karabella Aurora 8 (100% merino wool; 95yds/50g) in... um... blue and white (I got it on sale because the labels were missing, so I have no idea what the real names are)
needles: Denise size 10s
gauge: not really sure... 28 "base" stitches made it 4.5" wide
date finished: September 20, 2005

As I mentioned, I got 2 balls of this yarn on sale. I didn't want to buy more than one ball of the same color, because there was no way to match dyelots without labels, so I bought one blue and one white (sort of a pale cream color actually). I knew I wanted to make them into a scarf, but I'm all striped out at the moment, so I wanted another pattern. I saw a few mentions of a 2-color brioche stitch, but it was always described as creating a very thick and dense fabric, which I took to mean it sucks up yarn, and I didn't have too much to begin with.

Instead I decided to play around with the multidirectional scarf pattern, and found that I could do alternating triangles in different colors with only a small modification: I worked on a circular needle, and at the end of each triangle I knit back up to the top point, then pushed the whole thing over to the other side of the needle so that I'd have the loose yarn ready and waiting for the next triangle in that color. I think the points where I switched from one color to the next look a little sloppy, but once I got started, I didn't have the patience to play around with it until I found something better.

This yarn is SOOO yummy. It is super soft and squishy, and machine washable, and the stitch definition is amazing. Sadly, I don't know if I'll ever get to use it again, as its normal retail price is pretty high for not too much yardage. Speaking of the yardage, I hoped to get a slightly larger scarf out of these 2 balls (the finished scarf is 4.5" wide and 42" long), but I didn't have enough left for another repeat of the triangles. I'm thinking of adding fringe though, just for some extra length.

Overall, it's a cute scarf, and I really like the pattern (it has to be a good pattern for me to have the patience for a scarf!) and it knit up very quickly. Plus it looks great with my new black fall jacket! :)


  • What an interesting pattern. It would definitely keep you engaged more so than the usual boring scarf pattern.

    By Blogger amylovie, at 4:52 PM  

  • I happened upon your blog while googling to see which yarns looked best for the multidirectional scarf.

    Great adaptation of the pattern. How creative!

    By Blogger Goldendomer, at 11:21 AM  

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