Saturday, September 24, 2005

sock fondling and sleeve surgery

I'm home at my parents' house for the weekend, and I forgot to bring my camera home, so the first half of this entry will have to be pictureless. I was not in the best mood when I got home, after driving for 4 hours and dealing with lots of traffic at the end... but then I saw a package waiting for me on the kitchen counter that perked me right up. It was my sockapaltwoza socks! They were knit for me by Allena, and you can see a picture of them here. She used Knitpicks Color Your Own yarn (SO SOFT) that she Kool-Aid dyed herself, the colors are really bright and there are so many different colors in there. The pattern is also gorgeous, a little lacey with a lot of texture. Basically I love these socks!! There's only one problem, the bindoff is a little too tight, so I haven't been able to try them on yet. I was going to try to fix them today, but I realized that I left all my knitting needles (besides the 10.5 I'm using on a current project, which won't be terribly helpful) at school, so I'll probably have to wait until I get back to fix them. But I did hold them up to my feet, and it seems like they'll fit perfectly!

And, she sent me a lot of goodies too!! In the package was a postcard of Germany, where her husband is currently stationed (yup, these are international socks), a polka-dot notebook, a bar of goat's milk soap, and a set of foot "accessories" (nail clipper, file, foam toe separators, pumice stone, etc). She went so out of her way, I'm going to have to find something to send back to her as a thank you. Meanwhile, I keep fondling and petting my socks, since they are SO SOFT.

Over the past week, I've been busy, not so much with knitting but with finishing. I'm happy to report that the raglan tansy tee is DONE! And... I don't know if I like it. But that's a story for another day, first I wanted to post about my successful sleeve surgery. The instructions said to knit until the sleeves measured 3", but with the stripe pattern I had to stop at either 2.5" or 3.5". I went with 3.5", and after seaming allllll the way up one side and trying it on, I decided the sleeves were just too long. Something had to be done! So I started with the right (still unseamed) sleeve. Here's what it looked like before I did anything:

raglan tansy tee: too-long sleeve

I wanted to get rid of a full repeat, which was one stripe of each color. To make the "reattaching" easier I decided to separate and graft within a beige stripe. I used crochet cotton as a lifeline, and threaded it through the 2nd row of one beige stripe and the 4th row of the next beige stripe, knowing that the grafting would make up the 3rd row.

raglan tansy tee:

Then I cut the yarn and rrrrrripped back:

raglan tansy tee: after ripping back

Instead of putting all the stitches back onto needles, I grafted the 2 pieces together right from the lifelines:

raglan tansy tee: grafting in progress

Once I finished, I removed the lifelines, and ta-da!

raglan tansy tee: perfect-length sleeve!

A nice cute short sleeve! The second one was a little more difficult, because I had to undo the side seam first (and I had already weaved in the end from it), but that sleeve got the same treatment. I finished seaming and weaving in ends, through it in the washing machine (mmmmm machine washable yarn) and it had just finished drying when I had to leave yesterday, so I didn't have time to take pics. But they'll come soon, along with another FO that I don't know if I ever even mentioned. Now I'm off to work on my happy soft Pleasure sweater... I loves me some angora!


  • i'm so sorry about the bind off i really hoped they'd fit! i hope they're fixable!

    By Blogger Allena, at 12:54 PM  

  • Those are some gorgeous socks.

    I was just thinking about you the other day. I was knitting with some Pleasure, and wondered when you would start your sweater. I LOOOVE that yarn.


    By Blogger amylovie, at 1:43 PM  

  • Amazing job fixing that sleeve! I applaud your courage. :)

    By Blogger Jane, at 7:42 PM  

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