Tuesday, November 01, 2005

happy package and lots of brown

Ugh, I have been so busy and stressed recently, it's ridiculous. I barely had a moment to breathe last week, leading up to this past weekend, when I went to Florida. (Okay, so maybe I don't get to complain about that stressing me out.) Through all of this, I didn't get to post about the package I got from my "downstream" SP4 pal, Jennie. I knew this would be special from the moment I took it out of the box.

pretty wrapping

It was wrapped so nicely that I even remembered to take a picture before diving in! And once the paper was in pieces on the floor next to me?

such wonderful goodies!

That would be three skeins of Noro Silk Garden (the colors are even more beautiful than they look in the picture), one hank of bulky yarn from, Starbucks coffee, honeysuckle soap, a lavendar candle, and a cute hair clip! Really, this just floored me. All these gifts were above and beyond what the SP round called for, and they are all amazing! Thank you so much Jen! :D

I'm trying to be a good girl, so I put the yarn in with the rest of my "don't-touch-until-holiday-gifts-are-finished" stash. But if all the scarf-ing drives me crazy, I may just cast on for a pretty pink hat soon. In general the gifts are coming along well - I finished the Zigzag hat, I'm almost done with Branching Out, and I've started my dad's scarf. I think I'll be able to get it all done in time. But one white hat + 2 brown scarves = desperate need for color! Like pink wool or rainbow-y silk garden perhaps? ;)


  • Lovely presents. That was very thoughtful of her.

    I'm in the same Christmas knitting rut that you are. I reeeaaally want to knit something for myself, but I know that I will never finish what I committed to knit.


    By Blogger amylovie, at 8:01 AM  

  • I'm so glad you liked everything. I can't wait to see what you make with the yarns!

    By Blogger Yarnista, at 7:15 PM  

  • nice gifts!! Gotta love the Noro!

    By Blogger me myself and i, at 9:41 PM  

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