Wednesday, November 16, 2005

third time's the charm, i hope?

After over 3 balls of Andean Silk, crossing 6 cables every 4 rows, I finally reached my cabling limit while at knitting group on Monday. So I pulled out the ball of Suri Dream I was saving for my mom's scarf, a copy of the pattern for seafoam stitch, and went to work on size 13 Denise's.

Less than one row in, I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't see any of the stitches, couldn't figure out which to keep and which to drop, and wanted to scream. Instead, I carefully frogged (and frogging this yarn was no easy matter either), and then I went back to square one. Seafoam stitch was obviously not going to work in such a fuzzy yarn. Since the group is in a library, I went upstairs to the knitting section in search of a stitch pattern book, but had no luck. Back downstairs, I noticed that someone had a copy of Weekend Knitting out, so I flipped through it and came across the Lopi Lace Scarf.

"Perfect!" I thought. So I cast on using 11s (the 13s felt a little large) and went to work. About 3 or 4" in, I stopped and spread it out. The stupid thing was over 11" wide!

Since I only had 143 yards of yarn and wanted something with a decent length, the 11" would not work. At all. So when I got home, I slowly and carefully frogged for a SECOND time. Not fun.

I really liked the slight wavy-ness of the lopi lace scarf pattern, so I decided to try it with one full repeat less (over 19 stitches). I also switched to 10.5 Inox dpns, because while the Denise's were nice and pointy, the taper was so long that it made keeping the stitches on the "fat" part of the needle really difficult.

And now?

start of my mom's scarf

Looks like we have a winner!


  • Hi, did you know we have an MIT knitting group? Meets Thursdays 12-1ish in 10-384 (Ladies' Lounge). We won't meet next week but hope you can join us in the future!

    By Blogger Katie, at 2:27 PM  

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