Saturday, December 17, 2005

Malabrigo hat and mittens

These have been done for a while, but that silly thing called school got in the way and I haven't had time to blog recently.

shhh I'm hiding...

pattern: my own
yarn: 1 hank Malabrigo (100% merino wool / 215 yds per 100g) in Burgundy
needles: Denise 16" size 8s for the hat, Inox size 6 and Brittany Birch size 7 dpns for the mittens
gauge: erm... I'll check later when I type up the patterns
date finished: December 3, 2005

I love, love, love these... which is why I'm really sad that I don't get to keep them. But I'm hoping my sister will love them too... the hat and mittens are her combination birthday/Hannukah present, along with another untouched hank of Malabrigo (and a Dane Cook CD) because she's a newbie knitter herself and I want to spread the Malabrigo love. I was able to squeeze both the hat and the mittens out of only one hank, though with about 1 yard left over. I really thought I was cutting it close at the end there.

The mittens were made from the same basic pattern as the pair I made for myself, except I tweaked it a bit because her hands are wider and shorter than mine, and also there were a few things I wasn't completely satisfied with the first time around. This pair came out perfectly though, so I'll post the pattern soon. Here's a close-up of one of them (with bad color):

Malabrigo mittens - take 2

I made up the hat pattern as I went along, which is part of the reason I was worried I'd run out of yarn... but I figured that if I did run out, I could just "borrow" a few yards from the extra hank and she'd never know. ;) Isn't the color fabulous?

Malabrigo hat for my sister - lying flat

Malabrigo hat for my sister

More FO posts coming soon!


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