Monday, January 23, 2006

chart located and needle selection

The good news: I called Woolcott and they found my missing chart! Hopefully I'll be able to get there today, but it's snowing pretty hard so I might have to wait until tomorrow.

The bad news: my first lace swatch was not a success. I didn't make many mistakes, and the tiny yarn wasn't too hard to work with, but I just didn't like the way the fabric was turning out. It was way too loose. (The colors, on the other hand, are GORGEOUS.) Unfortunately that means I'll have to buy more needles, and I don't know what size to get. I swatched on 7s so I'm thinking I should go with either 4s or 5s... but are 4s too small? 5s too big? I also found that the Inox tips, while fairly pointy, were not quite pointy enough. Some online research has led me to Bryspun needles, with their nice tapered tip. I called a few yarn stores in the area but couldn't find any, so I think I'll have to order online: commence major price-check. Wait though, I have one more big decision - straights or circulars? I generally prefer circular needles, but it seems the new Bryspun circs have had some problems breaking at the join. However, while I can probably squish all my stitches for this project onto a 10" or 14" straight, would I ever use straight needles again? Then again, the straight needles are about half the price, so before I commit to something that might break, I should probably buy the straights just to see if I even like the tip.

Heh, writing down every step of my decision process seems to have helped - I think I'm settled. Size 5 10" straight Bryspuns from here, that comes out to $4.79 with shipping. I should be able to get to Woolcott and pick up my chart before the needles get here. I can't wait to start this stole!


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