Sunday, January 22, 2006

dude, where's my chart?

I had such a fun day today - I visited not one, not two, but THREE crafty-type stores. First stop was Beadworks in Harvard Square for some pearly-white seed beads and a "big eye" needle. They're for a design project I'm working on... I think it would look great with a beaded edge, and I'm thinking about crocheting it on even though (1) I've never crocheted with beads at all and (2) I hate to crochet. But, I think it will work. I hope.

Stop #2 was Woolcott and Co., also in Harvard Square. I'd never been there before, so I went partly to see what their selection is like, and partly because I was on a pattern search. I have some gorgeous blue-green variegated laceweight merino that I got in a swap on the knitty board that is just screaming "knit me now! knit me now!" so I've been on a pattern search for about a week. The colors remind me of the ocean, so I wanted something with waves or ripples. I also knew I wanted a rectangular shawl (or stole I guess) with straight edges. The two that I found online were the Baltic Sea Stole and the Lead or Follow scarf - I couldn't decide from the pictures, but the store only had the Baltic Sea Stole, so that's what I ended up with.

Then stop #3 was A Good Yarn in Brookline. I've been there once before and knew that they had Inox circular needles, which are my new favorites. Just a touch more grip than Addi's, but still much smoother than Denise's or wood or bamboo. I picked up a 7 for the stole and an 8 for the secret design project. I was incredibly tempted to just buy everything in the store - I don't know if it's the way they display the yarn, or what, but it makes everything SO TEMPTING - but I figured I should wait at least until I get my next secret pal match. I don't need more yarn for myself at the moment but I'd love to buy for someone else!

So I came home, took out my stole pattern and new needle, and got ready to swatch. It says, "Work pattern from the following written instructions or from the enclosed chart." Um... well, the written instructions are rather intense, as it's a 32 row repeat, and the chart is... not enclosed. The chart is nowhere to be seen, actually. Argh! I'll probably go back to the store tomorrow to ask about it, but I want to swatch NOW, so we'll see if I can read 32 rows without my eyes bleeding.

Oh yeah, also, my new sweater is blocked and dry and FABULOUS. :D The sleeves are a touch too long, but if I had made them one stripe shorter, they'd be too short, so I'm okay with it. I'll try to borrow a camera just because I want to show it off.

Wish me lacey luck!


  • I could bring my camera the next time I'm at knitting group if you wanted to borrow it :)


    By Anonymous Tope Charlton, at 6:37 PM  

  • Hi, Joanna! I just was clearing out my knittyboard PMs & ran across your messages--so I thought I'd check your blog to see if you'd decided on any patterns for the laceweight. I think the Baltic Sea Stole would be so pretty in the blue/green colorway!

    Your post made me miss Boston--I used to go to Beadworks all the time when I was at BU (only one year of undergrad, long story). Long ago--1992-93.

    Helen (hellahelen)

    By Anonymous Helen, at 5:45 PM  

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