Thursday, February 16, 2006

long time no blog

Classes started last week, and between them and my research, I've been fairly busy recently. (I specifically decided not to participate in the Knitting Olympics because of the overlap with the beginning of the semester.) But right now I have Matlab running a simulation in the background, so I'm taking a few minutes off to blog. :)

My trip to California was fantastic. It was warm and sunny and I got to see lots of old friends. And perhaps the most important part of it is that I visited my old college, and... it wasn't perfect. I was still very happy to be there, but... I guess for most of January, I was pretty depressed. On good days I would think "okay, I guess I can get through this" instead of being excited about where I am and where I'm going... and on the bad days, well, it was bad. And a little part of me believed that my life used to be perfect, that I would never have it so good again. But then I went back to that school, and I saw the place where I spent the last 4 years of my life, and I realized that... yes, life was good then, but it wasn't perfect because nothing is ever perfect. I had problems then just like I have problems now, because that's how life works. So in that sense, the trip gave me some much-needed perspective, and I've been much happier since then.

I also broke up with my boyfriend about a week ago. We had been doing the long distance thing for many months, and we both acknowledged that it was not working. I thought I'd be at least a little upset about it, but... I've been relieved. The last month or so, the relationship was just dragging me down. Ending it lifted a burden off my shoulders.

I'm really enjoying this SP round. My downstream pal got her first package a few days ago and I think she really liked it. She's a lot of fun to shop for. And my upstream pal has been so nice - both of her cars broke down in the same day, and she felt bad that she couldn't get my package out. Can you believe that? Through all the stuff she had to deal with, she still thought of me. I'm so touched! Oh, and she sent me the most adorable e-card last week - really put a smile on my face. :)

Knitting WIP Roll Call:
  • pink Pomatomus socks: I'm almost done with the 2nd repeat (out of 3) on the cuff of sock #2. Usually this is the point where I'd be getting sick of the pattern, but I'm still completely enamored with it! So much so that I'm thinking about making a second pair for my Sockapaloooza pal... the only problem is that she said she didn't want lacey socks. While this pattern does have holes, I wouldn't really describe it as lacey, so I'm going to ask her how holey is too holey before deciding.
  • mini-Clapotis: Just 3 or 4 more stripes in my last ball to go! I think I'm ready to start the decrease section. I haven't worked on this much recently though, because it's getting a little tedious.
  • Baltic Sea Stole: I swatched on my new Bryspuns and it came out well. I loooove the needles, the tapered tip is perfect for lace and the plastic surface has just the right amount of "grabiness." The colors are just as pretty knit up as they are in the ball, though the deep teals and greens are probably more Caribbean Sea than Baltic Sea. I think I'll have to blow up the chart and highlight it before I start the actual stole, because I kept mixing up the k2tog and ssk symbols. Also I don't like the purl increase used in the pattern, so I need to find something else to use.
  • fluffy brioche wrap (design project): Ugh. I'd rather not talk about this right now. I'm probably going to frog everything I've done, and I have no idea yet whether or not I'm going to redo it. More on this later.

My simulation finished a few minutes ago, so I'm off to look at the results. Fun fun fun.


  • I'm glad the end result of your breakup was positive. It sounds like you have done a lot of soul searching in the last few weeks. I hope that there are brighter days to come.


    By Blogger amylovie, at 4:20 PM  

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