Wednesday, April 05, 2006

a new kind of april showers

Well, I think it's safe to say that this season's scarf weather is not over yet.

Because it is snowing right now.

SNOW. In APRIL. What??? I hate Boston weather soooo much. I want my spring! :(

Although... on second thought, my most recent WIPs are still cold-weather items. I finished the body of the Satori sweater on Friday - it took me a grand total of 4 days. Record timing!! I didn't take home the dpns I needed for the sleeves, so the first one was just cast on last night. But I got a nice blurry mirror pic for you:

who needs sleeves?

And while the colors are certainly spring-y, stranded wool socks won't last very long into the warm spring/summer months. Just means I have to finish them faster, right? I have a lot of thoughts and musings about my first fair isle (or is this just stranding? I'm not quite sure of the difference yet) attempt... for now I'll just post a picture though.

i stranded!  and it looks... okay!

It's coming along pretty quickly, I'm up to the gingham section now. The blues are SO much nicer than the purples in the original pattern. I keep peeking at the sock-in-progress because I'm still surprised that I made it!

And with that, I think I've procrastinated long enough. Time to go to school. In the snow. In April. :-/


  • Unfortunately, snow in April *is* spring in Boston. So I shouldn't mention the possibility of Easter snow and Mother's Day snow, right ;)

    The top is cute, and the socks look great. I shoud try that pattern.

    By Anonymous Rose, at 11:25 AM  

  • Ok, I have to say those are the cutest socks in the blues. I want to make them for me now. I'm glad you liked them.

    By Anonymous Secret Pal, at 12:04 PM  

  • Hee, Rose, I think this is where I stick my fingers in my ears and start singing, "la la la I can't hear you!" ;) At least it's a little warmer today...

    And you should definitely try the socks! I'm having a ton of fun with them.

    By Blogger Joanna, at 4:06 PM  

  • Snow in April gives us slowpokes a little more time to finish up the winter knitting, before turning to cottons and silks. Or, in my case, before abandoning half-finished projects entirely. And that sock is beautiful! That's really your first Fair Isle attempt?

    By Blogger enallagma9, at 4:08 PM  

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