Thursday, April 20, 2006


I'm off to see the Harlot,
the wonderful Harlot of Yarn...

(Okay, between that and the Yoda song, I think I've used up my Cheesy Music Quota for the week...)

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is coming to Porter Square this afternoon. I usually meet with my advisers Thursdays at 5, so I wasn't expecting to be able to go, but as of last night this week's meeting is cancelled. (Through no fault or suggestion of my own - my advisers are both just busy - I call it fate. :)) So after my 2 o'clock seminar, I'm going to sneek out of lab over to the T and head over there. I'm so excited!!

I even cast on for a new sock last night, when I realized that all my WIPs are either complicated (Caribbean Sea Stole, Tulip Socks) or not portable (Satori sweater being worked off a cone, Tulip Socks again (they're small, but they use 7 balls of yarn!)). So I pulled some variegated Regia out of the stash and started simple toe-up stockinette socks to take with me. I also wanted to wear something I've knit, but it's too warm outside for a sweater or scarf or hat... most of my spring knits (Cleo, Honeymoon Cami, Spring Fling) are at my parents' house so it came down to the raglan tansy tee or the prosperous plum tank. Tried on the tee (which I've never worn), decided it was so awful that I'll probably frog it, and ended up with the pretty purple tank. Really, was there any question? ;) Yes, I'm thinking way too hard about all this, but it's not every day that I get to see someone famous (in my eyes anyway)!


  • Ooh, you lucky thing! It's great when the universe aligns to let you do what you wanted to. Have fun with the Harlot - and that tank is absolutely stunning.

    By Blogger Kirsti, at 4:25 PM  

  • Hey - stopped by to check out your blog and let you know that one of my LYS had Cotton Fleece on sale, so I picked some up - half price!! So, I wil be testing Prosperous Plum in the original yarn, although mine will be a Teddy Bear tank. =)


    By Blogger Trillian42, at 8:25 AM  

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