Sunday, May 28, 2006

Satori sweater

Huh? What's that you say? I have a blog? Oh. Hm. Guess I should post something. Will a finished sweater do?

finished Satori sweater, lying flat

pattern: free custom-made pattern from Artfibers.
yarn: 1 cone Artfibers Satori (~ 5 balls) in color 08
needles: Denise size 10.5 and 9 circulars for the body, Inox size 10.5 and 9 dpns for the sleeves
gauge: 14 sts x 20 rows = 4"
date finished: April 27, 2006

Oh Satori sweater, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
  1. You are soft.
  2. You are fuzzy.
  3. You are shiny.
  4. Your colors are neutral enough to go with anything.
  5. At the same time, the depth of your colors is incredible.
  6. Your did not pool or stripe weirdly at all.
  7. Your pattern was custom made just for me, and it shows because...
  8. You fit perfectly!

the obligatory blurry mirror shot

Yeah, this one's a keeper. I've gone on and on about this yarn quite a few times already, so I'll just let you go through the archives instead of repeating myself for the 98735984th time. (To sum up: I like the yarn. A lot.) I just noticed on the Artfibers site that they've introduced a lighter-weight version of Satori called Alfabeto. And it comes in even more colors. This could be dangerous!

I followed the pattern I got from Artfibers pretty closely. The piece was knit in the round so I made a fake seam by slipping the side stitches every other row. I did the same thing on the sleeves, though I couldn't tell from the directions if they were supposed to be knit in the round or flat. I worked the waist shaping increases and decreases 4 stitches in from the seams for a more 3-dimensional shape. Oh, and my row gauge was off, so I had to recalculate the rate of increases and decreases, and adjust the set-in sleeve shaping. Also, I worked a 3-needle bind off at the shoulders.

If there's one thing I could change about the sweater, I would have gone up a needle size on the sleeves. My gauge was a little tighter on the dpns than on the circs, so they sleeves are a wee bit tight, but once I've been wearing the sweater for more than 5 minutes the difference isn't noticeable. And it's such a minor complaint. Everything else about this sweater is perfect and I am so happy with it.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


so busy no time for anything these days but how cute is my sister?

sara knitting on the train

fyi, she's on a train in austria. and she's working on this in pink cotton ease. sara i know you are having a wonderful time in vienna but come home soon ok? :)