Friday, July 07, 2006

new new new

For the first time in... a while, I cast on for a new project 2 days ago that I can actually talk about. It's the ribbon xback from last spring's issue of Knitty. I've liked this top a lot since the pattern first came out, but I was fresh off a not-so-pleasant ribbon yarn experience, so I kind of overlooked it. When Rachel posted hers a week or 2 ago, though, I knew I had to have one of my own. She sent me 4 balls of the Moda Dea Ticker Tape that she had bought on clearance from Michael's, and I went to work - so far I'm about 4 1/2" in.

I've already made some modifications. First, I'm working it in a tighter gauge than recommended, because I remember a lot of horror stories from people who's tops came out way too big. My version should have 3-4" of negative ease, I hope that works out well. Second, I started with an odd number of stitches, because that way you can avoid the jog you'd normally get from knitting seed stitch in the round. I swatched flat even though my tension is usually different when it's flat vs. in the round, but I figured that for seed stitch it would be close enough. What's interesting is that my gauge is still dead on (well, compared to my swatch anyway) but there's a subtle effect that I had never considered before. I knit a little tighter than I purl. And in seed stitch, the little bumps are created by purling a stitch that was knit on the previous row. So what's happening is that my RS and WS look different from each other; even though the gauge is obviously the same on both sides, the WS has bigger bumps because they were made by knitting a stitch that was purled on the previous row, and like I said my purls are a little looser. I'm still not sure which side I like better - I may flip the whole thing inside out at some point - but it's an interesting flaw feature.

I've also picked out my next 2 projects (and I can knit them both from my stash) - Sizzle from Knit and Tonic and Baudelaire from the new Knitty. I have a boring Regia sock waiting for a mate, but the lacey pattern is so pretty, and I've been looking for the perfect pattern for the hand-dyed merino/tencel blend I got from the Mind's Eye Yarns anniversary sale. For Sizzle, I'm going to use the dark green Luxor DK from this failed cardigan, if I can find the rest of it. So nice to finally get some light, non-wooly yarns on the needles.


  • I knit the ribbon xback last summer. It was a fun knit. My only suggestion would be to knit the torso longer than you think it should be, if you have the extra yarn. Mine was so elastic that it hikes up to a crop top after a while.


    By Blogger amylovie, at 9:23 AM  

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