Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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So, I feel like I owe the city of Boston an apology. For almost a year now, I have doubted it. Everyone told me, "Boston is such a great walking city," but I couldn't walk anywhere. It was even worse when it got cold out. I really just felt trapped most of the time. But now, thanks to my newfound mobility combined with some nice weather (I say that with much hesitation, because it has been gorgeous for the past few days and I don't want to jinx it), I find myself having a bit of a love affair with this city. I even love my mile-and-a-half walk into work every day. And so, yesterday, I took my new camera with me and documented the walk. (BTW, the camera is a Canon Powershot A430.)

First, a block or two away from my apartment, I pass Massachusetts General Hospital.

Nice to know that if I get hurt, help isn't too far away! (Though I could do without the almost constant ambulance sirens.) Next up is the Charles/MGH T station, which, like much of Boston, is currently under construction. I like to think they're rebuilding it just for me.

The intersection by the station is a big mess, so I have to walk all the way around it to the other side. I think that when it's finished, all that glass will look so sleek and nice.

And painting usually happens towards the end of a project, right? RIGHT?? (I guess I should mention that while I like to believe the construction is almost done, it's been underway for over a year, so really... who knows.)

Next comes my favorite part - walking across the Longfellow Bridge! It's also called the Salt and Pepper Bridge (or so I was informed by a cabbie one night) because of the shape of the towers.

On the left side of the bridge, there are some be-yoo-tiful views of the city.

And this next picture, well, in my old building, we always joked about stringing a zipline from the top of the building to the Citgo sign (which is near Fenway) for easy access into Boston. If you click on the picture to see the big version, you can see my artistic rendering of what such a zipline would look like. Really, I am quite the ar-teest. (Also of note: that dark blurry section is from my hair blowing in front of the lens. It was a bit windy.)

On the right side of the bridge, there are such interesting sights as this building, which always reminds me of the insane asylum in Batman Begins:

And the one worthwhile part of the Big Dig, the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge (which for whatever reason I used to think was the Tobin Bridge, but Wikipedia informs me that is not the case).

Finally, I make it to the other side of the bridge! At the same time, a train gets there... and it probably left 10 minutes after I did. But I walk slowly, so it's okay.

The next part of my walk is in Cambridge along the Charles River, giving some more nice cityscape views.

Those shots are actually a little better than I'd normally be able to take, because I had to take a slight detour to the other side of the street (closer to the river) when my normal route looked like this.

Back on the sidewalk, I almost stepped on what I thought was a leaf. At the last minute, I saw it move, and was able to save this cute little caterpillar's life.

For whatever reason, caterpillars are the one bug group that I not only tolerate, but actually like. They're just so cute! And they move slowly, so they're not at all threatening. (Unlike, say, ants. Because they are super scary, you know.)

To finish up my walk, I turn and cut through campus. MIT has this reputation for having one of the ugliest campuses; I would argue that it isn't ugly so much as... mismatched. As evidence, I took the following 4 pictures from one spot, just turning in place in between.

Individually, none of the buildings are so bad. (Well, the third one is kind of a phenomenon in and of itself, but that's a discussion for another time.) But put them together, and you get a big mess.

Don't worry, almost done here! There's a bit of the walk through air conditioned hallways that don't make for very exciting pictures, but then I go back outside again to cut through Killian Court. I was apparently not the only person who wanted to take a picture that day.

And what were they taking pictures of? The huge dome, of course.

My sister described this part of campus as being imposing; I can definitely understand that. All the doors off the court are labelled with the name of a famous scientist or mathematician... my door says Faraday (and a bunch of other names are smaller above his).

Okay, through the door, up some stairs, down a hallway or two, and there I am in my office. Some parts of my research are fun.

Other parts... not so much.

And that's that! Well, almost. :) I took 2 more pictures on my walk home, because I couldn't resist. First, boats!

Second, a nice view of Beacon Hill, with the State House (gold dome) on top.

Okay, with that, I really am done. I promise some knitting content next time! And maybe some pictures of my apartment, once I clean up a bit. It's not awful now, which is good since I've only been here a few weeks, but it isn't quite picture worthy either.


  • I lurve me some Boston.

    My folks lived there for a few years. I liked shopping on Newbury St. Dad lived in a studio apartment on Newbury for a year right near Berklee College of Music. It was up above a dentist's office. Very cool. I just loved visiting.

    Enjoy Boston while you get the chance in the nice summer weather. Man do they get some snow there in Boston. And I lived in Michigan for three plus years!! :)

    I love your knitting! I wish I had that kind of talent. I'm pretty good at crocheting but I cannot hack knitting (I think I need to take a class).

    By Blogger Missy, at 1:18 AM  

  • I love your walk and photo essay! I used to go to MIT, and you walk exactly what I do whenever I visit, hopefully once every year or two. And you do take beautiful pictures with your new camera. =)

    By Anonymous Blogless Kim, at 4:59 PM  

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