Thursday, August 17, 2006

exhibit A

I snuck into my roommate's bedroom a few days ago and took this picture:

my roommie's first knit thing!

Woohoo! I am victorious! (Since then, I've taught her how to purl. Fabulous finished objects can't be far behind.)

As for my knitting, it could not currently be more booooring. I don't like having a lot of WIPs so I'm really really trying to finish these socks.

almost finished...

They are so close! Actually they're even closer now, I think I have one more row of ribbing and then I just need to bind off. Then I can finally put them behind me and start on something else. Or maybe 2 something-else's - I owe my mom a pair of socks, which I already have the yarn for, and it's the same yarn I used for my Pomatomus's so I know my gauge. Just need to cast on and go. And the other something else will be a tanktop with this:

Classic Elite Premiere

Purpley-periwinkley Classic Elite Premiere. If petting and stroking the yarn could turn it into fabric, I'd have a finished tanktop already. It is so. so. soft. And also pretty slippery, so winding it into a ball proved to be a challenge. I've only wound one ball so far; I think I need a break before I wind the rest. As for what I'm going to make with the yarn, I haven't quite decided. I have this deep desire to make something cabley. My thoughts right now are to make a cabled band a few inches wide to go just under the bust, pick up stitches and work the top in seed stitch with short-row shaping and thick straps, and then... do something for the bottom. Maybe just stockinette, maybe stockinette with 2 small vertical motifs coming down from the bust line... I'll have to swatch and play around with it.

In other news, I have the cutest little dpn holders - and now everyone else at the North End knitting group does too! I had a group class project this past semester where we needed 5 little black rubber cap things, and they only came in bags of 100, so I've had 95 of them sitting on my desk for a few months. But look how perfectly they fit on my size 2s! I can see throwing a pair or 2 of these in with secret pal gifts or RAKs, maybe with some elastic connecting them just for added protection.

cute dpn caps

Anyway... posting in the next week or so will be infrequent at best. I'm embarking on the weirdest trip ever. Flying from Boston to New York, driving from New York to Iowa, then driving south from Iowa to Oklahoma via Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas, flying to Chicago, and then flying back to Boston. There really is a reason behind all of it that I'll explain later. For now I need to get some work done, do laundry, and pack. And maybe knit some purple-periwinkle prettiness.


  • have fun on vacation. wave hi to arkansas for me when you pass through (it's my home state).

    and be forewarned that premiere wears horribly and your garment will look like an old dishrag in 5 seconds. at least it did for me. i didn't like it at all.

    By Blogger bradyphrenia, at 1:16 PM  

  • Woohoo! Another one enters to fold.


    By Blogger amylovie, at 4:57 PM  

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