Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i should bring bagels to the bathroom

WOW. I just walked down the hallway to the not-air-conditioned bathroom, and I felt like I had stepped into a toaster. I was almost convinced the heat had to be on... but instead, the problem was caused by an open window. God it's hot out there!!

And to make matters worse, I got an email a little while ago that the air conditioning in my building might get shut off. Apparently there are more important facilities on campus than my office (places with chemicals and animals, I guess) and they want to conserve power if it is at all possible. In an effort to help, I turned off the office lights; I'm the only person here right now so there's no one to complain. And I doubt that the lights being off in my one little office will really save enough electricity that they can keep the buiilding A/C running, but I can hope, right? So far it feels okay, especially compared to the toaster-bathroom... if it starts to heat up though, I will have no qualms about taking the rest of the day off. Sigh.

I may or may not make it to the North End for knitting tonight... depends on how hot it is later. Last night the heat index was still at 99 when I got back from dinner at 9:30pm so I'm not going to make any assumptions. Sigh again.


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