Monday, September 18, 2006

do the shuffle

Taken from Adam, a completely non-knitting-related meme. I don't have an iPod but since I'm at my computer anyway, I just put iTunes on shuffle mode and here are the first 10 songs that came out.

  1. Poison Oak - Bright Eyes
  2. Continental - Alkaline Trio
  3. Caravan - Counting Crows (a Van Morrison cover I think)
  4. I'm Not Sleeping (live) - Counting Crows
  5. Kings Crossing - Elliot Smith
  6. Wanted It To Be - Sister Hazel
  7. Please Forgive Me - David Gray
  8. The Good Fight - Dashboard Confessional
  9. Bloodied Up - Alkaline Trio
  10. It's A Crime - The Magnetic Fields

Alkaline Trio is very over-represented on this list, and Ani Difranco is completely missing, which is a little strange considering the 133 songs of hers in the mix. (Counting Crows are second with 80 songs, including 10 versions of Round Here.)

Tonight I'm going to the Boston Museum of Science for college night (they don't need to know that I'm really a grad student :P) to see Body Worlds 2 for free. I'm worried that I might be a little squeamish around the plasticized organs, but the science geek in me is so fascinated by the idea and the process that I can't pass up the opportunity. And when I get home afterwards, I will post pictures of my finished (and still unnamed) purple top!


  • Nice playlist! I especially like the Bright Eyes track, and the "un-represented" Ani DiFranco. I have a ton of her music too, good stuff. :)

    By Anonymous Adam, at 5:28 PM  

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